Serafim Photography | About

I like to take photos since I was a teenager. Seems like it was always inside me and I just didn't know.

 Love to capture memories and emotional moments on weddings and events, as well as portraits and wedding details. 

 I also love taking pictures of people & pets.

 I worked as a travel photographer for 7 years, making a variety of postcards & posters from our beautiful Greek islands and more.

 Within my career I've been chosen to work for the best Greek TV Channel of "ANTENNA" Group of Companies as the official photographer overall the Corporation from 2000 to 2009. Thus for I have thousands hours of experience in cinematography lighting and tones of celebrity photos, actors, singers e.t.c 

 Last but not less, for all of my years in ANTENNA TV channel I was the photographer for the Official Greek Beauty Contests.

Hotels, travel, landscapes & interiors are also part of my job.