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About Serafim  

Lifestyle, Weddings, Hotels & Interiors Photographer in Santorini 

Photography is my life passion and as such, I never thought of following any other career. After completing my studies on Studio lighting techniques and interior photography in Frankston College of Tafe in Melbourne, Australia, I have started working in 1989 as a freelance and wedding photographer. 

Since then, I am considered as one of the most wanted photographers in Greece with an unmatched experience obsessed with artistic perfection on complex high budget projects.

The art of photography is absolutely dependent on light. This is the reason in 2017 I have taken a life changing decision to establish my new base and move my business in the majestic island of Santorini that is among the top, most sun-kissed locations in the globe. Named as the “Best Island in Europe” Santorini is also ranked 2nd most “favourite honeymoon destinations” anywhere on the globe. 

Some of my Signature Projects by category are: 


Lifestyle Photography

TV-Live Shows–Contests–Reality Shows 

As one of the most wanted photographers in Athens, I was the official stage & event photographer in ANTENNA Group of companies and ANT1 TV channel for 10 years. 

I have worked on TV as the exclusive photographer on all Greek TV reality shows from 2000 up to 2009 taking shoots on stage and in my studio. That was on Big Brother season 1 & 2, Big Mother, Mission, Wall, Fame Story season 1, 2, 3 and 4 & on X-Factor. My contract with Ant1 TV included five consecutive years as the official photographer on the National Beauty contests of Greece. 

Business Events & Adventure Photography

My love for still life art and events photography led me to become the first Still life & events Photographer for “WIN Magazine” and “Pc Magazine” that was the top technology publications in Greece.  

I was hired to be the medical conference photographer for 6 consecutive years by ACTC conferences & events/

My freelance work includes major global events photo coverage for a period of 10 years for top businesses like Allou Fun ParkCiscoHeaven Music   Minos EMI music and more. 


VIP Photoshoots

Besides technical and artistic perfection, VIP photography is about keeping everything under your hat. With us, your privacy is guaranteed. Discreet manners and files safety is guaranteed. This is why I was the 1st choice for the most exclusive business and VIP photoshoots like 

a 4day luxury cruise of the YPO Organization

Lavipharm’s 7 days VIP trip to South Africa and the Sun City Resort

Minos EMI Music, Heaven Music, Cisco exclusive events 

personal VIP photographer for top business owners, celebrities and politicians, always honouring my confidentiality agreement. 

Non-Profit & Educational Sector

When I feel my work can add some value helping those in need I will offer it for free. This is why I act as a sponsor for the children of the Association for the Psychosocial Health of Children and Adolescents  EPSYPE  

I also supporting the life-long educational centres of ZER FAM as the artistic photography curator on all ZER FAM fashion shows


Public Sector

From 2010 to 2015 I was the art director - photographer for the municipality of Samothraki a Greek island in the North Aegean Sea where the statue of Nike (that means victory) was found.


Browse through a representative sample of my work here and get in contact with me here 


Wedding Photography

When I started working as a Wedding Photographer, I realized the real power of capturing a once-in-a-lifetime kind of moment. Back then, in 1989, it was impossible to imagine I would be the 1st choice photographer to cover the weddings of large business owners & executives, top celebrities and well-known politicians. 

When it comes to the actual wedding photoshoot, now, after over 30 years of experience, I seek out those intimate and joyful moments, that will capture the essence of every new wed couple on camera. This is what will make them have a collection of photos to cherish for the rest of their lives...


Explore a representative sample of my work here and get in contact with me here

& Interiors Photography

Architecture, as a form of functional art, is one of my passions. The hospitality sector could be characterised as a major trend leader especially in countries like Greece that is a top class tourist destination. This passion made me the “Hotels and Vilas” photographer for the first tour operator in Greece back in 1989 (Spitia Greece). 

In the most recent years I have been the Hotels and Interiors photographer for a number of Hotels and Vilas in Santoriniand top 5 star hotels in Athens like the iconic Divani Caravel Hotel.

With more than five years of activity and thousands of photographs under my belt, you can find my work on numerous postcards, posters and travel guide books. 


You can see a representative sample of my work here and get in contact with me here

UNICEF SYRIA Serafim Trahanis Photographer.jpeg

Special Projects

One of the projects that engraved my soul for life, was at Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan in October 2016. I was UNICEF’s official photographer and the private photographer of the Good Will Ambassador of Greece, Mrs Marie Konstadatou. 

For that project I had to travel to Zaatari Jordan, located 10km east of Mafraq, that gradually evolved into a permanent refugee settlement for about 85.000 people. This was is the world’s largest camp for Syrian refugees. It was first opened on 28 July 2012 to host Syrians fleeing the violence in the ongoing Syrian War that erupted in March 2011.


Every time I see my archives from that camp I can’t help getting emotional. 

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