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Your Wedding Photographer in Santorini

Planning a fabulous wedding in Santorini and you need a professional and experienced wedding photographer? The perfect Wedding Photography can unfold your love story with perfectly crafted images presenting the best version of you, on the most important day of your life.

Serafim, as one of the most experienced wedding photographers in Greece will capture the magic of your most precious memories and deliver amazingly beautiful photos to love for a lifetime

Unleash your imagination and just ask us to get your dream come true. Anything you have on mind can be made possible. 

Serafim Photography can get you in contact with top Santorini wedding venues like Leciel Santorini or others to suit your style. We can even arrange for a beach wedding, a majestic Santorini sunset wedding, or setup a bespoke Santorini Marriage photoshoot, custom build to match your own dream wedding concept. To get the best possible outcome we have an army of experts available upon request like makeup artists , Hair Stylists, ready to enhance your look to its best and expert wedding planners to arrange every little detail to perfection. 

Call SerafimPhotography and start planning your dream marriage! 

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